About Us & What We Do

Consolata Hospital is a level V faith based health facility owned and managed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri. the hospital was started as a small dispensary by the Consolata Missionaries from northern Italy in 1938 led by Dr Paolo Chiono. The hospital strives to provide affordable, universally accessible and acceptable comprehensive health care services in furtherance of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ with special emphasis for the poor. Below are some of the major features within the hospital.
Diagnostic Centre
We are home to the only CT Scan machine in the Mt Kenya region. We also offer ultra sound scan and X-ray.
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Renal/ Dialysis Unit
We are among the few medical facilities in Mount Kenya region offering dialysis services. Our dialysis unit has five bed capacity.
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Modern Theatres
The theatres are equipped with state of the art equipments to enable any surgical procedure.
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Ear Nose and Throat (E.N.T)
Our E.N.T facility is one of the most modern in East and Central Africa.

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Eye Unit
We offer high quality optical consultancy to our clients. From test to surgical procedures we got you covered.
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Dental Unit
We offer consultation services for all your dental care needs.
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Maternal and Child Health
Our maternal and child health clinic caters for all antenatal and post natal requirements of mothers and children. We also offer natural family planning clinics.
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Voluntary Counselling and Testing
We offer VCT services for HIV. We also sensitize the community on prevention measures through the use of community health workers and during the free medical camps.
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Why Choose Us?

Our core values makes us effective in our operation. we are one family consisting of our clients professorial doctors nurses service men and the administration. we believe in working together.

Here are our core values



Commitment to serve

Comfort and Hospitality

Individualized care

Love and Compassion